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What does our pet insurance cover

Petplan reimburses 100% of your veterinary expenses

up to € 3.100 per year

it's covered
Illnesses. With a 30-day waiting period.
Accidents. With a 15-day waiting period.
Consultations. We will cover any type of veterinary visit
Prescribed medicines. Petplan will pay for the medicines prescribed by your vet.
Diagnostic tests, blood tests, X-rays
Diagnostic procedures
Surgery and nursing
Behavioural disorders
Cancer treatment
Hip dysplasia
Pre-existing conditions. No pet insurance in Spain covers the conditions that appeared before taking out the policy.
Vaccinations and deworming
Neutering or spaying
Routine or preventive visits

PETPLAN it’s a Simple and Easy to Understand Insurance

Reimbursement of veterinary expenses due to illness or accident

We will pay you up to € 3.100 per year with a 100% reimbursement rate and a co-payment of €45 per accident or illness.

Compensation for robbery/theft

We compensate you with the economic value of the dog up to a maximum of 600€, in case your dog is violently stolen.

Compensation for accidental death

We will pay you the value of your dog, up to a maximum of 600€, in case of its death due to an accident.

Other services

Pet owner support by Specialised telephone assistance.

Compensation for death due to illness

We will pay the value of your pet, up to a maximum of € 600, in case your dog or cat dies of an illness.

Advertising costs in case of loss

We reimburse your advertising costs in case of loss of your pet up to a maximum of € 600 per year.

Slaughter and disposal costs

We reimburse you for the costs of slaughter and disposal of the animal body up to a maximum of 200€.

Stay in animal residences

We reimburse you for the costs of your Pet residence bills if you have to be hospitalised, up to a maximum of €600.

Download here our Terms and Conditions