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Compare Dog Insurances

Here you can consult a dog insurance comparison chart and how Petplan compares to the rest of insurances out there.

  • GUIDELINES for your better understanding of this comparison chart.
  • Covered
  • Depending on the insurance plan
  • Not covered
PetplanSanta Lucía
VertiSantevetSegurvetMapfreAgrupacio (Miwuki)Liberty
Health insurance – What does it cover?
Annual maximum limit3.100 €1.000 €1.000 €2.200 €1.500 €2.000 €3.000 €2.000 €
Free choice of vet. Possibility of choosing your preferred veterinarian.
How much would the insurance pay me?100%100%100%50%,70% o 90%85%80% o 100%80%80% o 100%
Other coverages
Death due to illness600 €
Death due to an accident600 €
Sacrifice or cadaver (remains) management expenses/costs200 €180 €120 €100 €150 €150 €150 €
Robbery(bruglary) with violence600 €
Expenses due to lost600 €180 €155 €180 €155 €150 €
Residence stay due to hospitalization of the owner600 €225 €300 €350 €300 €
Scope of insurance coverageEuropean UnionEuropean UnionSpainEuropean UnionSpainSpainEuropean UnionEuropean Union
Waiting period: number of days
Vet asisstance due to illness3030156060159030
Vet assistance due to an accident1515151515151515
Services and claims
Immediate online contracting with policy shipment
Available online chat
Online claims management
Dog insurance expertise
Years working on Pet Insurance
Before signing a Pet Insurance you have to take into account the following aspects:

Annual maximum limit
Waiting period

It is REALLY IMPORTANT compare ALL different policies offered by all insurances companies.
The information contained in this document is for illustrative purposes only. Coverage under any
pet insurance policy is expressly subject to the conditions, restrictions, limitations, exclusions and
terms of the policy documentation issued by the insurer.