Pet Health Insurance in Spain

We pay more reimbursement than any other pet insurance in Spain: €2.500 per year

Take your dog to ANY veterinarian

We reimburse up to €2.500 per year

We pay for medications and physiotherapy.

We are the only ones that cover previously ill dogs.

We cover congenital and / or hereditary diseases.

We will pay the costs of physiotherapy or behavioural disorders.

Claims procedures are 100% online:through our web or by your phone.

Probably the cheapest insurance for your dog's breed and city.

Yorkshire Terrier at Ronda from €220 per year

You can pay with VISA, Paypal, your Amazon Account or even in installments.

You will get your policy directly in your inbox as soon as you make the payment.

Petplan is the Nº 1 Global Pet Insurer

For 40 years we have specialized in keeping pets healthy and their owners happy. More than 1.5 million dog owners worldwide enjoy the protection of Petplan.

Maximum coverage

Petplan knows how much it can cost to give your dog the protection it deserves, so it offers more coverage than anyone else.

Better coverages

Petplan knows what really matters to you and therefore offers you what you need. No other insurance in Spain offers the following coverages:


Petplan has insured over 10 million dogs so it can offer you the best price for your dog specifically, depending on their breed and age.


Petplan is the commercial name for Petplan Iberica S.L. which markets this insurance as an insurance brokerage firm and Telefónica Seguros provides and subscribes our policies.

Petplan Iberica S.L. is registered in Spain and in the General Directorate of insurance with the key J 3103 and with the C.I.F: B-90.057.431

Petplan is a Brand registered in Great Britain by PetPlan Limited with the Nº 1282939


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