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In compliance with the reporting obligations contained in Article 10 of Law 34/2002 of July 11, Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce reflects the following information: (hereafter “the Website”) is a website owned by “PETPLAN IBERICA, S.L. Correduría de Seguros” (hereafter, PetPlan). Registered offices are in Seville, at C/Aviación 18-1º Planta, Post Code 41007 Seville (Spain). Registered in the Mercantile Registry of Seville, Volume 5.691, page 131, sheet SE-97.106, with VAT Registration Code Number B-90.057.431

PetPlan is registered at Dirección General de Seguros y Fondos de Pensiones, (General Directorate of Insurance and Pensions is the Spanish government financial regulatory agency that supervises and controls Spain’s Insurance) (, registration key CS-J-3.103. Insurance Brokers Professional Liability & Financial Capacity. Nothing to declare in relation to Art. 33.3 Law 26/2006.

According to the Law 26/2006 of insurance and reinsurance intermediation brokers PetPlan have an external customer service which must respond to a complaint within two months from the date it is filed. Contact details: ASOCIACIÓN PROFESIONAL DE MEDIADORES DE SEGUROS APROMES, Madrid, C/ Maldonado nº 41, bajo B (Postal Code 28006), Tel 911377070, email

For more information, please contact us at the following e-mail address:

 PetPlan® is a trading name of Pet Plan Limited (Registered in England No. 1282939)

PetPlan works as Insurance Brokers according to the Law 26/2006 of insurance and reinsurance mediation, focused on pet insurance.


Legal Conditions for Access and Use

PetPlan provides access to the website under the Legal Conditions for Access and Use described as follows: 


  1. Access and Users

Access to the website attributes the status of User (hereafter “the User”) to whomsoever does so and expresses the full and unreserved acceptance on the part of the User of each one of these Legal Conditions for Access and Use, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.

The provision of the following services of the Website is free:

  • Information about insurance products and services that you can be hired through our mediation.
  • Access to quotations of certain insurance products or services, to information and advice, and proceeding with their on-line contracting.
  • Access to the “Private Area” where, if you are already our client, you will be able to consult, manage the policies subscribed by our mediation and making claims.


  1. Modification

PetPlan, to improve the features offered on the Website, reserves the right to modify, expand, or suspend the presentation, configuration, technical specifications, contents and services of the Website, unilaterally, at any time without prior notice to the User.

PetPlan may change Legal Conditions for Access and Use, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy specified here at any time, without prior notice to the Users. The validity of these conditions will be according to their exposure and are valid until they are modified by others duly published

Consequently, it will be the Users’ responsibility to read Legal Notice in force every time on which they access this Website, so if they do not agree with any of the conditions set forth herein, they should refrain from using the Website.

The acceptance of the “Legal Notice” and “Privacy Policy” and, consequently, the provision of the User’s consent, will be a prerequisite and indispensable for the use of the Website and thus obtain the services provided by PetPlan.


  1. Conditions of Use

The User undertakes to make proper use of the content and services of, which may under no circumstances be used for illegal purposes or purposes which may be contrary to civil order, the defence of the nation or public health. Any use by the User of the content and services must respect the principles stated in the above paragraph.

The User is expressly authorised to view all the information contained on the Website, as well as to make private copies of such information on their own computer systems, so long as such content is intended solely for the User’s personal use and is not subsequently transferred to third parties.

STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. You must not extract pricing information for any purpose other than the private insurance of your own animals. You must not obtain any unauthorised, false or fraudulent quotes or purchases of insurance.

The Site may include opportunities to view information and communicate with us through social media services such as LinkedIn®, Twitter®, Facebook®, and others. The User should use common sense and good judgment in communicating with us through these services. PetPlan is not responsible for the terms of use and privacy policies that govern these third-party sites.


  1. Intellectual and Industrial Property

The intellectual and industrial property rights contained in the Website, their graphic designs and computer codes, including the trade names, brands and distinctive signs, are the property of PetPlan, as owner or cessionary, except where it is stated that they are the property of another. All rights reserved

Any reproduction, distribution, marketing or transfer of the content without express authorisation by the owners constitutes an infringement of the intellectual and industrial property rights protected by law.

PetPlan may initiate any administrative, civil or criminal proceedings if the User infringes any of these rights.


  1. Exclusion of Guarantees and Responsibilities

Access to and use of the Website pages is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the User.

PetPlan works as Insurance Brokers according to the Law 26/2006 of insurance and reinsurance mediation

PetPlan shall take all reasonable means at its disposal to verify the truthfulness, accuracy, suitability, completeness and timeliness of information provided through it, without incurring any responsibility for the lack of accuracy or timeliness of provided information by insurance companies. The result of searches should not necessarily be comprehensive with respect to all existing available offers on the internet

Access to the Website is free and without cost. User may enter data to obtain guidance about the premium to pay to hire an insurance. Such quotes are for guidance only, so it does not constitute any binding offer.

In addition, the information displayed on the Website is based on information provided by the User, which can vary once companies verify the data. Consequently, the prices or conditions of the contract can also vary. Furthermore, the Insurance Company reserves the right to accept the risk, and may refuse to insure, or modify covers and include exclusions that will be shown in the Particular Conditions, and to change the rates without prior notice.

The User acknowledges and agrees that it is his sole responsibility to check the General and Particular Conditions of insurance policies prior to buying. PetPlan is exempt from any liability to the lack of appropriateness or adequacy of the information provided

PetPlan neither guarantees nor is liable for damages of any kind arising from the following circumstances:

  • The lack of continuity of the operation of Website, including the incorrect operation of the web pages.
  • The lack of use, errors and omissions, suitability or validity of the services and content offered on the Website regarding the results and expectations of the User.
  • The existence of viruses or programs on the User’s computer or due to the presence of viruses in the services provided by third parties through the Website
  • The knowledge that unauthorised third parties may have regarding the category, conditions, characteristics and circumstances of the User’s access and use of the Website, and of the information and services.
  • Under no circumstances, including negligence, loss of business, loss of use, loss of profits, loss of data, due to indirect, secondary, special or consequential damages resulting from access to or use of the services of the Website, or otherwise included within its scope.
  • Website provide links to other websites or content which is the property of third parties. The sole purpose of the links is to provide the User with the possibility of complementing information through these links. PetPlan does not under any circumstances accept any liability for the results that may arise from the User accessing these links.
  • The User and, in general any natural person or legal entity intending to establish any technical link between its website and the Website must obtain prior written authorisation from PetPlan. The establishment of the link does not imply under any circumstances the existence of a relationship between PetPlan and the owner of the site with which the link is established, or the acceptance or approval of its content or services by PetPlan
  • Is User’s responsibility to ensure the safety of login details. User should keep your password safe and ensure its privacy and not disclose the contents to anyone else. PetPlan will accept no responsibility or liability if a third party obtains or uses your password.

User confirms by submitting your acceptance of these terms in this manner that you are happy to receive your policy documents, renewal, claiming and any communication electronically.

It is your responsibility to notify us of any change to your email address or theft thereof or of your password.


  1. How the website works
  • Getting quotes

The User must enter required data, and then will get information about prices and insurance coverages. Policies’ Terms & Conditions are available in the Website.

  • Buying Online

Once the User select the quote, he must enter rest of required data (Pet, policy holder and pet owner details). Then it will be required to pay the premium.

If Questions show at PetPlan questionnaire are in Spanish, they must be answered in Spanish. Unless the possibility of using english version web site where English must be used

The payment could be done by both security payment system, virtual TPV, using credit / debit cards (VISA, MasterCard & Servired) or PayPal or Amazon Pay

In case of doubt, please contact us by phone or write an email to

Application will not be formally made until the User has entered all the required data and the payment made. Application that have not been paid will not be applied to the insurance company.

Once, the process has been completed, by de User, PetPlan will begin the formalization of the insurance contract. The requested effective date of the insurance may be altered until the date of emission of the policy.

Payment does not guarantee to be insured because the insurance company reserves the right to accept the risk and may refuse the insurance for the reasons she deems or modify covers and include exclusions that will be shown in the Certificate of Insurance Details, and to change the rates without prior notice.

Once the policy is formalized, an e. mail will be sent to the e. mail address indicated by the Client/Policyholder. There it will be indicated where and how to access to the policy documentation.

Any new policy contracted directly from the Website, the App or through the telephone service, will mean the appointment of PetPlan as its sole Insurance Broker, formally stating, in the act of hiring, the decision to dispense with the management of your policies by any other insurance broker.

The signature to dispense with another broker, will has effect from the moment that, after selecting the form of payment you want to hire, and you have clicked the button that says “Pay”. This clicking action is equivalent to your handwritten signature in a contract, in accordance with our e-commerce laws.

  • Managing the policy.

The Client is registered in the Website. He can access to the private Client Area, enter his e. mail address and password.

Any communication between the Policyholder, Insured or Beneficiary and the insurer must be made from the Website Client Area, as well as for managing the policy, such as data modification.

The parties agree to keep the mobile phone numbers, email address and postal address reflected in Terms & Conditions (Particular Conditions) and notify within 30 days, by reliable means to the other party any change in them in the case that this It shall be made.

  • Making Claims

To make a claim, the Client/Policyholder will have to access their Client Area with their e. mail address and password, where they will enter the required information and agree to send any original documents necessary for the processing the claim. by scanning documents and upload them to the Client Area.

  • Renewal of policies

The insurance contracts are one year in force. The User accepts that the insurance contracts concluded remotely, through the Website, the renewal of the same, is carried out through this way.


  1. Refund Policy

PetPlan owns the Website, but the policy on refunds depends on the insurers and it shall be governed by Law 50/1980, of 8th October, on Insurance Contracts

Users can get a full or partial refund, according to the following Terms and Conditions:

  • When the insurer refuses to accept the risk, and denies emitting the policy, the User will obtain a full refund
  • When the final policy price would be higher than the payment done by the User, due to an increment in prices by insurer or due to any other cause, User can choose to pay the difference and the insurance application will go on, or to obtain a full refund and the insurance application will be cancelled.
  • When the final policy price would be lower than the payment done by the User, due to a decrement in prices by insurer, an any discount applied or due to any other cause, User will obtain a partial refund.

Any refund will be made using your original payment method or another method at our discretion.


  1. The Right of Cancellation

According to Act Number 22/2007 of 11 July, on Distance Marketing of Financial Products to Consumers, a retail customer has an unconditional right of cancellation which is valid for a period of 14 days either from the date of the conclusion of the distance contract. This right of cancellation can be exercised by notifying to PetPlan at

The right of cancellation does not apply to any compulsory insurance.


  1. Prior Contractual Information

The Policyholder and / or Insured declares that the data provided is accurate, being responsible for the inaccuracies thereof, in accordance with article 10 of the Insurance Contract Law, being obliged to notify the Insurance Company of any variation that may be made or produce during the term of the insurance.

Likewise, it acknowledges having received prior to the conclusion of the contract all the information required in art. 122 and concordant of Royal Decree 1060/2015, of November 20, on the organization, supervision and solvency of insurance and reinsurance entities, and art. 42 and following of Law 26/2006 of July 17, mediation of private insurance and reinsurance

PetPlan includes Terms & Conditions and IPID (Insurance Product Information Document) permanently and easily accessible on the Website, making them available to the User, so that they can store and reproduce them, in addition to being able to keep them in their possession in a durable medium. User expressly accepts that the transmission of PetPlan information is facilitated through the Website.


  1. Exclusion Right

PetPlan reserves the right to deny or withdraw access to the Website and / or services offered without notice, on its own or a third party, to those Users who violate these Terms of Use.

PetPlan will pursue the breach of these conditions and any misuse of its Website, exercising all civil and criminal actions that it can by law.


  1. Making a complaint

Our aim is to get it right, first time every time. If you have a complaint, we will try to resolve it straight away. If we are unable to, we will confirm we have received your complaint within five working days and do our best to resolve the problem within four weeks. If we cannot we will let you know when an answer may be expected. You may submit a complaint and claims to Petplan Customer Service Department, by writing to:

Petplan Ibérica SL – Customer Service

C/ Aviación 18-1ª Planta

41007 Sevilla

Or an email to:

According to the Law 26/2006 of insurance and reinsurance intermediation brokers PetPlan have an external customer service which must respond to a complaint within two months from the date it is filed. Contact details: ASOCIACIÓN PROFESIONAL DE MEDIADORES DE SEGUROS APROMES, Madrid, C/ Maldonado nº 41, bajo B (Postal Code 28006), Tel 911377070, email


  1. Use of cookies

Website uses own and third-party cookies to facilitate web page browsing and obtain greater effectiveness and personalisation of the services offered to Users. For more information about their use, consult the section on Cookies Policy.


  1. English translation

All the information and documentation available in the English version of this Website is provided for informational purposes only. In the event of a discrepancy between the content of the English version and the original Spanish version, the latter shall take precedence.


  1. Jurisdiction and applicable Legislation

These Terms of Use shall be governed by the provisions of Spanish legislation.

In the event of any discrepancy or dispute as result of the interpretation or application of these Legal Conditions of Use, in general, PetPlan and the User, even if the User resides outside of Spain, expressly waive any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them and submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Seville (Spain).

To raise a complaint, please, contact our Customer Services to let them know you are not satisfied and discuss with them how we can help to resolve the issue. e. mail:


Petplan is the commercial name for Petplan Iberica S.L. which markets this insurance as an insurance brokerage firm and Telefónica Seguros provides and subscribes our policies.

Petplan Iberica S.L. is registered in Spain and in the General Directorate of insurance with the key J 3103 and with the C.I.F: B-90.057.431

Petplan is a Brand registered in Great Britain by PetPlan Limited with the Nº 1282939


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