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Petplan or SantéVet?

Are you asking yourself this question?


Here is an example to solve your doubts….🧐

Santevet offers three types of coverage (Light, Comfort and Premium), for this comparison we will refer to the cheapest Santevet plan which is comparable to the petplan prices:

Price for June/2024 border terrier (less than 1 year old): Santevet 290,76 euros/year – Petplan 271 euros/year.

If you are not convinced by this example, read on, here are some interesting facts!
Here’s why Petplan is your best option ✅

Petplan is the insurance best rated by customers, do you want to take a look?⤵️


– 5 reasons to choose Petplan –

1) Petplan’s maximum annual reimbursement is €3,100. SanteVet reimburses €2,000. So Petplan will pay you more.
2) Petplan covers 100% of your veterinary bills, with a €45 excess per illness or accident, this means you won’t have to pay €45 for each veterinary visit. However, SanteVet offers 50% cover with an annual excess of €20…again, Petplan will pay you more.
3) Petplan’s waiting periods are short and simple: 15 days for accidents and 30 days for illnesses. SanteVet will not cover the surgeries your pet needs in the first 6 months of the insurance, that is to say, pay for one year of insurance and you will only be covered for half of it. In addition, their sickness waiting periods are of 1 month and a half, much more than in Petplan.
4) No penalty for claiming in Petplan! That is, if you use the insurance, we will not increase your renewal price for it, and that’s written in our terms and conditions, while all other companies (including SanteVet) may do so.

What does SantéVet not cover that Petplan does?

  • Physiotherapy.
  • Behavioural disturbance treatments.
  • Diseases caused by insect bites, rodent bites or other animal bites.
  • Elbow or hip dysplasia.
  • Congenital dislocation of the kneecap.
  • Ectropion or entropion.
  • Death due to illness.
  • Death by accident.
  • Pet theft.
  • Loss Expenses.
  • Kennel fees for owner’s hospitalisation.
  • 24-hour telephone assistance from specialised veterinarians.

🟢For more than 47 years we have specialised in keeping pets healthy and their owners happy and calm. More than 1.5 million dog owners worldwide are protected by Petplan.

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Our mission is to protect you when you really need us, hence our 0 sub-limits and 100% reimbursement policy.

*For SantéVet, the type of insurance used is Light.