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Our dog insurance makes sure you don’t have to worry about a thing relating your dog’s health. It covers all expenses of your pet due to illness or accident

How does it work?

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Take your dog to any veterinarian

In case of illness or accident visit the veterinarian you want and pay the bill.

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Let us know when something goes wrong

From our website or using your smartphone, send us the invoice and the veterinary report.

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Receive the money

We will pay you 100% of the bill up to € 2.500

What does it cover?

To see all the coverages and exclusions, read our policy.

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Maximum coverage

Petplan knows how much it can cost to give your dog the protection it deserves, so it offers more coverage than anyone else.

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Better coverages

Petplan knows what really matters to you and therefore offers you what you need. No other insurance in Spain offers the following coverages:

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Petplan has insured over 10 million dogs so it can offer you the best price for your dog specifically, depending on their breed and age.

How much do veterinary treatments cost?

Our pets bring us many joys but have you ever thought about the unforeseen expenses for an accident or illness? Veterinary medicine has advanced just as much as that of humans, and with it so has the costs of taking good care of our dog. These are some examples: