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Petplan Spain commits to offset customers’ carbon emissions

Petplan Spain become the first insurance company in Spain and the first pet insurance worldwide that commits to offset customers’ carbon emissions.

Petplan Spain has included in its pet insurance policy the offsetting of Co2 emissions generated by dogs and cats insured in Spain.

Recent studies have concluded that an average dog (weighting 15 kg.) generated annually 630 kilograms of CO2 emission (Technische Universität Berlin). This is equivalent to a 33% of what an average car generate in Spain (Arval BNP Paribas Group Mobility Observatory).

By signing an alliance with Eco Paw Pet, the only worldwide pet offsetting specialist, Petplan Spain, will compensate each insured pet annual Co2 emission depending on its specific race and breed.

The last research done at the “Technische Universität Berlin” conclude that pet food, excrements, plastic poop bags, and even dogs’ toys… are factors that damage the environment. All these factors have an impacting climate change (Co2 emissions), ozone depletion, smog, the eutrophication of water bodies, the acidification of soil, the ecotoxicity of freshwater, and land use.


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Petplan Spain is all about taking care of our responsible pet parents, providing them peace of mind. With this new initiative we want to provide them also with the calm of knowing that their beloved pets are Carbon neutral to our planet.

Petplan Spain, funded, among others investors, by Mundi Ventures, the same Fund invested in unicorns as wefox (Berlin, valued at more than 3.000 millions) or Klarna (Estocolm, valued at 45,000 million.) Is deeply focused in making better the live of pet parents in all the Hispanic and Portuguese speaking world.

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