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Fines of €50,000 for not microchipping your pet

Microchips in the new Animal Welfare Law✅

Microchip has always been of great importance in the care of pets. Only through the chip we can identify them in case of loss, something vital for them, since if they are not found by their families, they can end up exposed to many dangers or, in their best luck, in a shelter.

The new Animal Welfare Law wants to reinforce this importance to fight against these losses and abandonments.

Since 29 September 2023, microchipping has become compulsory not only for dogs, but also for cats.

Families who do not microchip their pets can face fines of between 10,000 and 50,000 euros.


What should we know about microchipping?

The microchip is an inert element and its implantation is completely painless for the animal, so no sedation is required. The chip is applied by a veterinarian with a sterile applicator, very similar to the way vaccines are administered.

The process takes no more than a few seconds and the price can range from 20 to 50 euros, it depends on the clinic.

We know that your pet is part of the family, so we advide this small gesture that may prevent your pet from getting lost one day and never being found.


Do I need a microchip to take out this insurance?

Petplan is the only company with which you can take out insurance for your pet before it has been microchipped, as you can insure your pet from the age of 2 months, and the chip is usually put in place after the third month of life.

Therefore, this means that we can wait for the chip, but Petplan DOES need the pet’s microchip to cover its veterinary expenses!

No Veterinary Insurance can offer cover for an unidentified animal, as, in addition to infringing the Animal Welfare Law, we will not be able to know if the invoice you send us corresponds to the insured pet.


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