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Normally Beagles Suffer From Epilepsy

Epilepsy is an illness which threatens your dog’s life, with PETPLAN you can easily detect and treat it.

Breed characteristics

It is a dog of compact and robust body structure, which gives the impression of quality without being coarse. Within the Group 6 of Dogs type bloodhound, dogs of tracking dogs and similar breeds. Section 1.3 Small-sized hound dogs. With proof of work.

  • Male: 36-41 cm at the shoulder.
  • Female: 33-38 cm at the shoulder.
  • Male: 10-11 kg.
  • Female: 9-10 kg.
  • Bloodhound type.
  • From 290 to 320 gr per day.
  • They possess a very balanced temper. They are friendly and vigilant.
  • From 12 to 15 years.

Here are some FAQs

We know how many questions you have about your dog, we all do. We hope you enjoy this answered ones!

The history of beagles

Why do our puppies do the things they do... If we knew their origins we'd understand them better! Give it a try?

Temperament & Personality

Is our beagle acting up? or is it just a personality trait of the breed? Let's find out, shall we?

Health Problems & Issues

We all love our puppies, that's why we have to be prepared for any health related problems!

Common illnesses

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Hip Dysplasia​

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Breed origins

This breed was raised from the Foxhound large for foot hunting, preferably from the hare. It is used in pack, many times organized by institutions, including universities and schools. A small dog, boisterous, full of enthusiasm and vigour, always ready for any activity that involves him. Everything in this race gives the impression of athletics and there is no better vision than a group of Beagles in full pursuit.

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