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Petplan or Barkibu?

What does each insurance reimburse?

Petplan reimburses 100% up to €3.100, Barkibu reimburses only 80% up to €3.000

Let’s take an example of a vet bill due to an accident with a broken leg ⤵️

▶️As you can see, Barkibu’s excess is 20% of each bill. This means that the higher the amount of the bill, the higher the cost to you…

Now we ask you, Why are you looking for Veterinary Insurance?

Are you worried that one day something will happen to your furry friend and the expense won’t allow you to give him the care he/she needs?

Or are you worried about a €20 or €30 bill once a year?

If one day you need reimbursement for a bill of 3.000€, with Petplan you only pay 45€, with Barkibu you would pay 600€ (i.e. 20%).

Isn’t it a bit expensive? 🤔

If you are asking yourself this question,
take a look at these differences! ⤵️
No.1 brand in Europe, more than 1.5 million pets insuredJust 30k customers
Over 47 years of experienceLess than 4 years of experience
24/7 telephone support with our team of veterinariansChatbot
WhatsApp and Phone call serviceNo phone or WhatsApp contact
No penalty for claimingThey can increase the price at renewal if you use the insurance or make a claim.
12 months to claimOnly 3 months to claim

Easy witing periods:

  • 15 days for accidents
  • 30 days for illness, and no more!

Complex waiting periods:

  • 5 days for accidents
  • 28 days for ilness, but…
  • 6 months for some diseases⚠️
Medicines covered without restrictionsMedicines covered for just 2 months
100% reimbursement (see example ⤴️)80% reimbursement
3,100 per year reimbursement3,000€ reimbursement per year
Coverage for death, loss, theft of the petNo coverage for death, loss, theft of the pet.
Reasons to choose Petplan
1) Petplan will never increase the renewal price for using the insurance, while Barkibu can include this penalty in the renewal price.
2) Petplan has a simple excess of €45 for the whole disease, Barkibu has an excess of 20% on each bill.
3) Petplan is the official insurance of the Spanish Royal Canine Society.
4) Petplan has been chosen as the best Veterinary Insurance by the OCU (Organisation of Consumers and Users).
5) Petplan is the third best pet insurance company in the world, according to user ratings on Google and Trustpilot, achieving an “Excellent” rating for its services.
Our mission is to protect you when you really need us, hence our policy of 0 sub-limits and 100% reimbursement.
The importance of commitment:
At Petplan we ensure that you will be able to stay forever, without price increases due to the number of claims and we won’t stop renewing you, we have your back!

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