WATERDOGS Usually Suffer From Waterfalls/Cataracs

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Breed characteristics

Rustic dog, eumetric, dolichocephalus, proportions sublongilíneas, harmonic of forms, beautiful picture, athletic complexion and well muscled due to the constant functional gymnastics that exercises; rectilinear profile; sight, smell and hearing very developed.

  • Male: 44 to 50 cm
  • Female: 40 to 46 cm
  • Male: 19 to 22 kg
  • Female: 14 to 19 kg
  • Shepherd dog, hunter and fisherman assistant.
  • From 260 to 310 g daily.
  • Faithful, obedient, cheerful, industrious, brave and balanced; of great learning capacity for its extraordinary understanding, adaptable to all situations and temperaments.
  • Spain.
  • From 10 to 14 years old.

Common illnesses

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Follicular Dysplasia





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Breed origins

Its existence is ancient in the Peninsula. Its most numerous population is located in Andalusia acting as a shepherd dog, known for centuries as a “Turkish” dog. Its physiognomy and the peculiar conformation of its hair adapt to the changing waterlogging and drought regime of the marshes, as well as its functionality as a shepherd dog and assistant to aquatic hunters and fishermen.

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