Malteses will normally suffer from EPILEPSY

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Breed characteristics

Small in size and elongated body. Covered with a very long white hair, very elegant with a proud and distinguished head.

  • Male: 21-25 cm to the cross.
  • Female: 20-23 cm at the withers.
  • Male: 3-4 kg.
  • Female: 3-4 kg.
  • Good although not very patient.
  • Service dog.
  • From 90 to 120 g daily.
  • Alert, affectionate, very calm and very intelligent.
  • Good though you may see it as a threat to other dogs.
  • Central Mediterranean basin.
  • From 12 to 15 years.

Temperament & personality

Is our Maltese acting up? or is it just a personality trait of the breed? Let's find out, shall we?


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Health Problems & Issues

We all love our puppies, that's why we have to be prepared for any health related problems!

History of the Maltese Dog

Where did the Maltese come from and what are its origins? You want to find out? Click the link below!

Common illnesses

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Dislocation In Knees Or Splints




Renal Insufficiency​



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Breed origins

The adjective “Maltese” comes from the Semitic word “MALAT” which means refuge or port. This Semitic root is found in a whole series of names of maritime places. The ancestors of this small dog lived in the ports of the maritime cities of the Central Mediterranean, where they battled the rats and mice that swarmed in the port stores and in the holds of the ships. This dog was known in ancient Rome as a favorite companion of midwives. The Maltese Bichon appears in representations of numerous painters of the Renaissance where it is seen in the salons of the time accompanying the beautiful ladies of that time.

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