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24h Helpline Vet Assistance

A service for your peace of mind and better information

Petplan offers this service for any pet related issues, such as general health, nutrition and vet assistance.

Included in your policy, no extra charges ✅

To access the Petplan Call Centre just call 910052862 (Extension 3)

Veterinary Phone Helpline

  • You will be able to make any consultation related to symptoms or veterinary treatments 24 hours / 365 days according to the needs of your pet. The service does not involve a veterinary diagnosis and should be understood as advice.
  • In case of accident or illness of your pet, we guarantee accessibility to an emergency service 24 hours a day, every day of the year. You can even request a veterinary emergency service at home. In this case, the cost of this service will be at your expense.
  • You may request the reservation of a consultation appointment at the Veterinary Centre closest to where you are, both for unforeseen circumstances and for regular check-ups.

You will be given access for the hospitalisation of your pet to the most appropriate Veterinary Centre or Hospital for treatment and will organise or coordinate its admission. Some of the possible actions:

· Initial examinations, X-rays, analyses, electrocardiograms.

· Surgical interventions, anaesthesia, surgical material, medicines, osteosynthesis, prostheses and/or fibro endoscopy.

· Post-operative care, cures, stay in the clinic, if necessary.

· Necessary slaughter and destruction of the corpse.

  • In the event of a diagnosis made by a veterinarian, you will be able to access the Second Veterinary Opinion service, consisting of contacting an alternative Veterinary Centre of recognised prestige that can issue a second diagnosis.
  • You will be able to make any consultation related to symptoms or veterinary treatments, health programmes, geriatric, oral care, alternative treatments. The service does not involve a veterinary diagnosis and should be understood as advice.
  • You will be able to access a veterinary consultation service for different actions such as: microchipping, vaccination, deworming, x-rays, check-ups, etc.

Other services

  • If you need your pet to be cared for in a specialised centre, you may require guidance and coordination of the necessary arrangements for its admission. You will be responsible for the costs of the specialised centre.
  • If you need to move your pet for any reason, the most appropriate transport will be organised according to the needs and availability of resources in the area where the animal is located. The cost of the transfer will be at your expense.

In case of impossibility to do it personally, we offer the coordination of the supply of food at home, carried out from the nearest shop or point of sale to your place of residence. The amount of the purchase, as well as possible transport costs, will be at your expense. The supply of food for the animal may be limited due to the lack of a supplier in the area where you are located or because the service is linked to minimum purchases in terms of quantity or amount

If your pet is lost or stolen, we can contact the most appropriate local media and official bodies in the area to place advertisements, photographs, etc. in order to locate and recover the animal.

In the event of your pet’s death, you will be able to access the service, which consists of advising, organising and coordinating the collection of the remains and proceeding with the burial or cremation, according to the owner’s preferences.

Likewise, if your pet is in irreversible suffering and under veterinary diagnosis its sacrifice is recommended, we will facilitate all the procedures for the organisation and coordination of the sacrifice. We will also coordinate the cremation or burial of your pet in authorised facilities. The costs incurred by the vet or specialised companies will be at your expense.

Contact Information services

You will be able to access contact information for the following services without difficulty:

a) Hotels in Spain that admit pets.

b) Adoptions and shelters

c) Pet clubs

d) Pet training

e) Hairdressers

f) Home carers

g) Attendance at competitions and other events

h) Breeders

i) Specialised shops

j) Arrangements for pet transfers

Counselling services

You will be able to access advice and guidance on how to deal with the following situations:

  • We will advise you if you wish to acquire or adopt a pet, on the breeds, sizes and behaviour of the animal, taking into account the physical, social or family environment with which it must live.

Before a possible trip abroad, you can request precise information about the country of destination, in terms of health and administrative requirements for the transit of the animal to that country.

To carry out procedures with the Public Administration or private organisations that affect your pet, you can access this service so that they can provide you with guidance. You will be responsible for any costs that a specific procedure may generate.

You will have access to a legal telephone service to be able to raise any situation or doubt of a legal nature that affects your environment in relation to your pet. If the consultation results in actions that generate professional fees for a lawyer, these will be at your expense.

Petplan's Call Centre veterinarians cannot diagnose or prescribe treatment, and their help is not a substitute for a visit to your regular veterinarian. Veterinarians answer questions about your pet's triage to help determine if your pet needs immediate veterinary intervention. Petplan Call Centre is a pet telehealth service available to Petplan policyholders. It is not insurance or a benefit of your insurance policy.

Petplan Call Centre ➡️ 910052862 (#3)